Dear Diary, September Is Coming To A Close

By Ezie Chic / Oct 2 2018

Dear Diary, September Is Coming To A Close
Dear Diary,
September is coming to a close and I can’t help but write a debrief of my New York Fashion Week (NYFW) experience. Not as an enthusiast sitting in rows with others, but as a designer with my pieces going down the runway. I recall pinching myself in doubt to see if I truly was living this dream!
Up until our New York Fashion Week Event at Pier 59 Studios, I didn’t think there was anything more chaotic than the Emergency Department.
The rate at which the models were to be dressed and sent down the runway, names being yelled across rooms, invitees being checked in, organizers on their radios ironing out last minute details, hair and make up artists blending more shimmer to create more drama on a models face; there is more order during a cardiac arrest.
It was one of the most rewarding and exhausting experiences of my life. Completely drained for a week to come, yet full of motivation!  I would not trade it for the world as it taught me so much, not to mention the feeling of seeing your work down the runway being quite intoxicating.
I cannot wait to do it again next year but until then we work.
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