Dear Diary

By Ezie Chic / Sep 8 2018

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

i woke up this morning in a panic, thinking i may be missing a fitting i perhaps scheduled today and forgot. This is now my norm as NYFW approaches. Yes ezie will be showing with Flying Solo at NYFW this Sept 2018 and cannot wait to live it. For a 30-40 min show, one may not realize how much work goes into it; doubled down and finishing the looks, the casting of models, developing the concept and theme of runway show, countless meetings with make up artists, photographers, production to plan the show, emails out to editors, buyers and press the list is endless. Nonetheless, i am loving every minute, relishing and learning from it all because it only gets bigger and more grand from here by God’s amazing grace.

Wish i could invite everyone who’s been on this ride with me but i cannot as preference is given to fashion industry folks for now and Pier 59 isn’t that big an auditorium but the next time.

xoxo ~Esther.

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