NYFW Street Style Predictions

By Ezie Chic / Sep 8 2018

NYFW Street Style Predictions

I am certain what’s paramount on the minds of influencers, fashion insiders alike is what to wear to these shows because you might just be photographed by press and can’t be caught with a bad outfit eeekkk (I remember those days like they were yesterday). Having kept an eye on style trends all summer and various fashion events across the world these are my street style predictions for NYFW:

1. Menswear – this trend is never going away as it is both comfortable, effortless and uber chic. Could be an oversized blazer, wide legged pants, tapered trousers paired with a graphic tee, oversized shirts get creative with it

2. Animal print (leopard etc) blouses, pants, coat etc……yes i said leopard, lol. It certainly makes its round and resurfaces every 1-2 years so this fall you will be seeing it on the bodies of bloggers, stylists and fashion it girls alike. It history is deeply rooted that i don’t think it is ever going away, it will always make its rounds every few years trust me on this. So whatever you purchase this time around tuck em away neatly this time.

3. Sneakers….designer sneakers and mules. This is my absolute favorite as i am a sneaker girl, these days its comfort first ladies. From a Chanel, Givenchy, Dolce & gabbana to the one i am currently feigning for the LV Archlight sneakers; you will see feet strutting the streets of New York in these pricey sneaks (the LV is aprox $1100) thats my car note. Mules, need no words; they make any outfit ultra feminine and tres chic. And if you happen to have one with an architectural heel, then you’re in the game.

4. Skirts be it an a line, pleated or midi skirt they are favorites amongst fashion insiders and will likely be a go to for them as well this hectic, chaotic week in the yearly fashion calendar.

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