What its Really like to be black and work in Fashion – The ezie digest

By Ezie Chic / Sep 8 2018

What its Really like to be black and work in Fashion – The ezie digest

This was published August 23, 2018 by Lindsay Wagner of The Cut and it took the fashion industry by storm as it was a composite of the experiences of african american celebrities in the world of fashion.

As i read it, my eyes got misty it reminded me how deeply rooted and resistant colorism and racial bias persist in this industry. This article was thorough, eloquent, inclusive from A-list actresses to fashion editors and bloggers. We did make strides this year in fashion, the CFDA fashion fund and other awards were more diverse and for the first time in history 16 magazine covers had women of color on their covers this September, that deserves a loud round of applause; we can only go up from here.

Some of my favorite quotes from the article were “Every nigga is a star” that will be my slogan for a while, lol

“Fashion pretends to be a meritocracy and it really isn’t. Designing ready-to-wear is like a making a movie; you need cash and a big team.”
—Telfar Clemens, designer

It’s up to us to create a strong network. People see the models and designers, but they don’t see the wholesale teams, the buyers in training, the store managers, and fashion directors. We are not in positions of strength in the retail ranks, and we’re not controlling any part of the supply chain.”

—Tracy Reese, designer

“Fashion has a bad habit of making very surface-level changes. It’s not just about adding more black models – Aurora James, Designer

“I often come back to this Michelle Obama quote; she said, “So many of us have gotten ourselves at the table, but we’re still too grateful to be at the table to really shake it up.” And it is so true! You can be in a room, and it’s like, do I say something? Am I going to look like I am campaigning for us? But, my whole philosophy is, if I don’t who will.” —Antoine Phillips, senior director, global communications and celebrity, Coach

So many more by Tracee Ellis Ross, Law Roach, Carly Cushnie, Claire Sulmers, Shionat, Misa Hilton and countless others. It is a read that gets you fired up, motivated to work and push harder against those barriers.

“I am rooting for everybody black” – Issa Rae

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